The overriding focus of the new set of works, is a celebration of black heroes. « I’m a pan-Africanist, so I’m interested in any progress that is relevant for the so-called Blackman. So, I’m interested in celebrating our positive attributes. » Which explains why many of the pieces focus on two black heroes who have caught the attention of the world in arguably unprecedented ways: Barack Obama and Michael Jackson. « Comet » is an image of Michael Jackson, assembled from hundreds of tiny squarish shapes, and across which are two streaks of blue, rising from the bottom left corner of the ‘canvas’ into the upper right corner. The title is from the lyrics of ‘Gone Too Soon’, a 1993 Jackson single.
His inspiration comes from his own ideas, but also from the events happening in his immediate environment, in society and in the whole world. His work is a series of commentaries about society and of political reasonings widely influenced by his pan-African ideology. Some say his art is political, some say it is revolutionary, and some say it is sensual, even erotic.


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